Mélanie Roy

Manager, Travel Claims

Customer-Focused | Meticulous | Dedicated

Mélanie has more than 20 years of experience in customer contact centre management, contract administration and technology assistance in the insurance field. She joined the Assistel team in 2018 as Manager, Travel Claims. Mélanie’s versatility and continuous improvement expertise are key to the development and success of her team.

Travel claims team

The mission of Mélanie’s team is to optimize cost management by carefully analyzing each travel insurance claim.

We are commited

The expertise and involvement of our team members are reflected in the efficient processing of all files, at the best cost possible. We undertake to examine each travel insurance claim with the same diligence, so as to continually optimize our customers’ financial performance.

Comforting support

An insured in her early 50s died suddenly when travelling in Asia. Her son, who had stayed in Canada and was completely overwhelmed by the news, had to carry out a number of tasks in relation to the death. Our expert made sure that his insurance claim was processed efficiently. Following his experience, the son sent us a thank-you email: “I would like to thank your team. This is a very difficult situation for my family, but you made it easier for me. You really exceeded my expectations, helping and guiding me every step of the way and, most importantly, you took the time to comfort me. I am very, very grateful!”

Combining our many strengths

We are part of a large team dedicated to the achievement of a single objective: ensuring the well-being of your customers, everywhere and at all times.