Lyne Dessureault

Manager, Sales and Marketing

Strategic | Results oriented | Communicative

Lyne has more than 25 years of experience in all marketing disciplines, in addition to customer contact centre management, performance management and budget management. She has been a manager with Assistel since 2011. Her unifying leadership contributes to the development and empowerment of the team’s members.

Sales and marketing team

Lyne’s team keeps an eye on the company’s image, the development of our offer and the partnership with our customers.

We are proactive

Always striving to meet customers’ needs, our team is proactive and makes sure our customers benefit from our expertise and the distinct advantages of our services. Whether through active listening or personalized support, our goal is to continually exceed customers’ expectations.

A successful initiative

To energize a strategy workshop, a client asked us to go beyond the product specification sheet to present our assistance services and demonstrate their advantages for its customers. Our team produced a video clip featuring our assistance coordinators, illustrating the positive customer responses during actual assistance situations. By taking part in the workshop, we were able to contribute actively to the discussions as a strategic partner.

Combining our many strengths

We are part of a large team dedicated to the achievement of a single objective: ensuring the well-being of your customers, everywhere and at all times.