Suzanne Blaquière

General Manager
Dynamic | Open | Transparent
Suzanne is an experienced manager who first worked in telecommunications as senior manager of a customer contact centre with more than 250 employees. She then worked as a strategic consultant with companies in various fields, including Assistel, where she carried out an important three-year mandate that served to launch her into the assistance industry. In 2011, she officially took the helm of Assistel as General Manager.


Reviewing our business plan allowed us to develop a strategy with agility central to our approach. It is our major strength and evokes our versatility and collective commitment to realizing our objectives. Using our agility, we can easily solve a multitude of issues, spot possible improvements, and especially guide our customers in a proactive manner so as to enhance their customers’ experience.

Next steps for Assistel

For Suzanne, a Canadian breakthrough over the next few years will be a key factor in Assistel’s success: “We are currently in a national development phase, and I would like to establish strategic partnerships abroad to strengthen our service offer and position Assistel as a staple in the assistance world.”

United we stand

Suzanne is backed by a solid team, whose complementary strengths contribute to achieving the company’s vision.