Caroline Lizotte

Senior Director, Assistance Services

Efficient | Unifying | Determined

Caroline has more than 25 years of management experience, as senior manager in customer contact centres, business strategy development and project management. Since joining the Assistel team, she has actively contributed to the growth and evolution of our operations with her high-level expertise and energy.

Senior Director Assistance Services

Caroline is responsible for Assistel’s operations. She leads all of our assistance services’ departments.

Her mandate

With her strategic vision, her goal is to ensure operational efficacy in line with our growth. As the person responsible for operational performance in a continually changing environment, her key priorities are the optimal management of assistance services and the development of her team’s skills.

For Caroline, listening to the voice of the customer is essential.

“What drives us on a daily basis is to provide a distinctive customer experience. We are attentive to customers so as to continually improve and exceed their expectations.”

United we stand

Caroline is backed by a solid team whose complementary strengths contribute to achieving the company’s vision.