Credibility. Agility. Proactivity.
Our experts in travel, roadside, legal and health assistance act on your behalf to offer an outstanding customer experience.

Expand your relational capital

A personalized approach that goes further:

  • Our experienced team accompanies you in all your development and implementation.
  • Our marketing experts advise you on the best valuation and marketing strategies.
  • Our skilled team provides you with the support you need to elevate your customers' experience and we even identify new opportunities for you.

We work alongside you, a partner in your success!

8 services

Our comprehensive services cover the entire range of your assistance needs:

Travel Roadside Legal
Succession Identity theft Autonomy
Psychological Health

Being in close contact matters

Anytime and anywhere, we assist your customers quickly whether it's for an emergency or an everyday situation. Our mission is to preserve their sense of security, to provide comfort and to ensure their well-being for their greater peace of mind.

This is how we maximize the loyalty potential of each of your customers.


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